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Contractor Documents

Construction Documents Name Last Updated Description
 Document  Daily Report Structural Steel Coating  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-782 
 Document  ERS 2010 - Thickness Pay Factor Calculation   24-Aug-2011   PH-CC-869 
 Document  Cold Weather Concreting Record Temperature  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-117 
 Document  Release Of Pit Areas & Waste Sites On Crown Land  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-837 
 Document  Bridge Deck Covermeter Survey   01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-427 
 Document  Certification Of Grade Elevation / Crossfall   01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-820 
 Document  Cross Section Template (Sub - Grade)  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-735 
 Document  Daily Report Glass Bead Application Rate   01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-708 
 Document  Concrete Mix Design Submission Form B  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-433B 
 Document  Warning Of Infraction Report  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-833 
 Document  Macrotexture Ratio Calculation Form  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-867 
 Document  Designation And Inspection Of Haul Roads  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-831 
 Document  Final Acceptance Certificate  12-Aug-2011   PH-CC-802 
 Document  Aggregate Test Data - Granulars (Physical Properti...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-450A 
 Document  Form A: Concrete Cover Meter Calibration Report & ...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-871 
 Document  Certificate of Independent Check of Mix Design  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-822IMC 
 Document  Actual Payroll Burden  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-819 
 Document  Fuel Comsumption Listing Subcontractor  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-744 
 Document  Fuel Comsumption Tracking Subcontractor  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-745 
 Document  Concrete Construction Report  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-322 
 Document  Certification Of The Installation Of Safety Items   01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-877 
 Document  Nuclear Moisture / Density, Gauge Inspection Works...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-843 
 Document  Contract Value Report For Subcontractors  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-830 
 Document  Summary Quantity Sheets  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-716 
 Document  Aggregate Test Data – Hot Mix Asphalt (Physical Pr...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-449B 
 Document  Claim For Lien  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-800 
 Document  Payment Cover Sheet  17-Feb-2011   PH-CC-881A 
 Document  Bituminous Sample Identification  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-139 
 Document  Daily Concrete Load Test Results  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-845 
 Document  Determining the Percentage Adjustment For Liquid A...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-133 
 Document  Contract Material Delivery Schedule  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-765 
 Document  Waterproofing Membrane Thickness Report  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-129A 
 Document  Incident Notification Form  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-818 
 Document  Regional Road Report  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-840 
 Document  Change Order - Additional Work  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-850 
 Document  Granular O Gradation Computation Acceptance & Paym...  01-Jun-2010   PH-D-1O 
 Document  Contract Administration Performance Report  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-880CAPR 
 Document  Aggregate Test Data – Granulars (Production Proper...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-450B 
 Document  Summary Report Pavement Markings  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-711 
 Document  Bituminous Road Inspector's Daily Report  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-106 
 Document  Cover Form For Material Weigh Tickets  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-719 
 Document  Hot Mix - Smoothness Acceptance And Price Adjustme...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-874 
 Document  Time And Material Bar Graph  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-852 
 Document  Clarification and Claims Summary Form  21-Nov-2011   PH-CC-751 
 Document  Daily Work Record  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-754 
 Document  Aggregate Sample Data Sheet  01-Jun-2010   PH-D-10 
 Document  Statement Of Record Of Working Days  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-763 
 Document  Determination Of Scarification Depth For Hot-In-Pl...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-849 
 Document  Bridge Construction Pile Driving Record  01-Jun-2010   PH-D-205 
 Document  Turnover Agreement  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-771 
 Document  Certification Of Temporary Concrete Barrier Instal...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-876 
 Document  Memorandum Re: Major Item Overrun/Underrun  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-834 
 Document  Sample Letter To Contractor - Re: Contractor Mix D...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-872 
 Document  Record of Expansion Joint - Water Testing  01-Jun-2010   ADM-R-44 
 Document  Contract Control Officer Report  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-880 
 Document  Sample Letter To Contractor (Version 1.0) Re: Noti...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-873 
 Document  Lift Thickness Measurement Recording Form   01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-870 
 Document  Scale Accuracy Inspection  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-703 
 Document  Hot Mix / Concrete Smoothness Acceptance & Price A...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-848 
 Document  Visual Assessment Of Hot Mix Deficiences  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-875 
 Document  Field Sample Data Sheet - Concrete  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-340 
 Document  Granular B Types I, II & III Gradation Computation...  01-Jun-2010   PH-D-1B 
 Document  Hot Mix Pay Factor Calculation  12-Jul-2010   PH-CC-868 
 Document  Price Agreement For Change In The Work, Extra Work...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-856 
 Document  Certificate Of Completion Of Subcontract  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-797 
 Document  Determining the Percentage Adjustment for Emulsifi...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-132 
 Document  Release From Warranty Certificate   16-Dec-2011   PH-CC-895 
 Document  Application For Field Adjustment To JMF  12-Jul-2010   PH-CC-866 
 Document  Certification of the Installation of Pipe Culverts  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-822PIC 
 Document  Extension Of Time Request And Approval Form  22-Aug-2011   PH-CC-775 
 Document  Payment Cover Sheet  03-Nov-2010   PH-CC-881B 
 Document  Change Order Approval And Cost Estimate  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-854 
 Document  Geotextile Testing Request   01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-443 
 Document  SSM Gradation Computation Acceptance & Payment Adj...  01-Jun-2010   PH-D-1SSM 
 Document  Annual Declaration: MTO Minimum Quality Management...  10-Jun-2011   PH-CC-863 
 Document  Certificate of the Pavement Design and the Pavemen...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-822CPD  
 Document  Embedded PST Certification  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-510 
 Document  Annual Declaration for a Company With Subsidiaries...  10-Jun-2011   PH-CC-863M 
 Document  Status of Non-Conformance  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-862 
 Document  Release Of Lien  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-801 
 Document  Reconcilliation Of MTO Supplied Materials  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-712 
 Document  Advance Payment For Granular  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-823 
 Document  Determining Payment Per Shipment of Emulsified Asp...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-130 
 Document  Aggregate Test Data – Concrete (Physical Propertie...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-448B 
 Document  Hot Mix - Acceptance Test Result for Recovered Pen...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-247 
 Document  Post Construction Certificate  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-822PCC 
 Document  Subcontractor's Consent to Audit  29-Jul-2010   PH-CC-762 
 Document  Monthly Summary Of Quality Process Non-Conformance...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-861 
 Document  Summary For Item  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-730 
 Document  Notification Of Placement Of Structural Concrete  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-736 
 Document  Invoice Of Plans, Profiles, Notes, Etc.  01-Jun-2010   PH-D-359 
 Document  Construction Certificate Minimum Oversight - Pavem...  08-Jun-2010   PH-CC-822MPCC  
 Document  Insp., Testing And Sampling Of Designated Source M...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-842 
 Document  Letter Of Approval (Land Owner Agreement)  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-825 
 Document  Pit And Quarry After Use Report   01-Jun-2010   PH-D-046 
 Document  PGAC Test Reporting Sheet   19-Oct-2011   PH-CC-250 
 Document  Aggregate Test Data – Concrete (Physical Propertie...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-448A 
 Document  One Point Proctor Test  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-010 
 Document  Application For Substantial Performance / Contract...  22-Aug-2011   PH-CC-817 
 Document  Change Order - Change In The Work, Extra Work  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-851 
 Document  Certificate Of Substantial Performance   14-Dec-2011   PH-CC-799 
 Document  Aggregate Test Data – Surface Treatment (Physical ...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-451 
 Document  Summary Report Structural Steel Coating  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-783 
 Document  Contractor's Infraction Report  22-Aug-2011   PH-CC-832 
 Document  Miscellaneous Detail Sheet  01-Jun-2010   PH-D-352 
 Document  Record Documents Checklist  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-878 
 Document  MTO Class EA Monitoring Questionnaire For Consulta...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-839 
 Document  Permission to Start Work  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-700 
 Document  Record Of Scale And Weighing Inspection  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-721 
 Document  Time & Material Summary For Payment  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-796 
 Document  Audit Report  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-520 
 Document  Statutory Declaration Of Completion Of Subcontract  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-798 
 Document  Certificate of Contract Completion  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-890 
 Document  Certification of Electrical Chamber Installations  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-879 
 Document  Daily Report Pavement Markings  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-713 
 Document  Determining the Percentage Adjustment For Emulsifi...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-131 
 Document  Consent To Sublet  29-Jul-2010   PH-CC-742 
 Document  Annual Declaration: Iso 9001 Quality Management St...  10-Jun-2011   PH-CC-864 
 Document  Hot Mix Compaction Core Sample Location  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-846 
 Document  QA Granular Summary  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-455 
 Document  Election to Submit Audit Report & Method of Invoic...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-500 
 Document  Field Compaction Report (Nuclear Guage)  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-009 
 Document  Material Control Ledger, Contract Materials  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-732 
 Document  Final Payment Quantity  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-731 
 Document  Granular A Gradation Computation Acceptance & Paym...  16-Jun-2010   PH-D-1A 
 Document  Request For Clarification  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-750 
 Document  Certification Of The Component  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-811 
 Document  Aggregate Test Data – Hot Mix Asphalt (Physical Pr...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-449A 
 Document  Warranties  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-841 
 Document  Change Proposals During Construction  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-828 
 Document  Price Adjustment For Concrete   01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-844 
 Document  Non-Conformance Report  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-859 
 Document  Surface Treatment Daily Report  01-Jun-2010   PH-M-002 
 Document  Hot Mix - Compaction Acceptance and Price Adjustme...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-255 
 Document  Certificate Of Conformance  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-822 
 Document  Hot Mix Summary  08-Nov-2011   PH-CC-847 
 Document  Bituminous Material (Product Sample Form)  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-349 
 Document  Designation Of Construction Zone  31-May-2011   PH-M-101 
 Document  Instruction Notice To Contractors  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-709 
 Document  Concrete Mix Design Submission Form A  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-433A 
 Document  Aggregate Test Data – Hot Mix Asphalt (Superpave –...  10-Jun-2011   PH-CC-449C 
 Document  Granular M Gradation Computation Acceptance & Paym...  01-Jun-2010   PH-D-1M 
 Document  Final Estimate Quantites And Cost Sheet  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-829 
 Document  List of Materials From Designated Sources  01-Jun-2010   PH-A-106 
 Document  Tax Change Statement  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-725 
 Document  Lease Agreement MTO and Landlord  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-704 
 Document  Work Directive  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-857 
 Document  Preliminary Contractor Schedule Checklist  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-838 
 Document  Structural Coating Sample Data Materials Engineeri...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-430 
 Document  Determining the Percentage Adjustment For Polymer ...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-134 
 Document  Owner Tenancy and Access Agreement  20-Oct-2010   PH-CC-733 
 Document  Pavement Marking Sample Data Materials Engineering...  01-Jun-2010   PH-CC-360 
 Document  Construction Administration and Inspection Task Ma...  03-Jun-2010   CAITM 
 Document  Field Guide For The Acceptance Of Hot Mix and Brid...  25-Aug-2009   This Field Guide has been prepared by the Bituminous Section of the Materials Engineering and Research Office to provide procedural guidelines to administer contract requirements on Ministry of Transportation projects in Ontario. The purpose of the Guide is to uniformly implement, across the Province, the acceptance procedures for Hot Mix and Bridge Deck Waterproofing. 
 Document  MERO-033 Construction of Longitudinal Joints In Fl...  10-Feb-2009   The report was developed to raise the awareness of staff involved in all stages of a project from the planning and design stages to construction and maintenance, of some of the issues associated with constructing quality longitudinal joints that will perform. This doc is a result of “joint” ministry and industry effort and task group work. 
 Document  Change Order Manual  22-Mar-2010   Change Order Manual 
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