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RAQS Consultant: End-Result Assignments

Updated: November 10, 2010

November 3, 2010

MEMORANDUM TO: Registered Engineering Service Provider Firms

FROM: Saeed Choudhary Head, Consultant Contracts Section Contract Management Office

SUBJECT: Constructability Review: Roster of External Reviewers

The ministry requires that Constructability Review Process be applied to Detail Design assignments. Typically complex Detail Design assignments will require Constructability Review. The details are available in the ministry’s Constructability Review Process Guide, Version 2.0, April 2010.

A Constructability Review may include Internal Review or both Internal and External Reviews during design development. Depending on the complexity work and other factors, an assignment may require one or two Internal Reviews and one External Review. Typically, External Review is carried out at 80% completion stage.

An Internal Review is carried out independently in a workshop setting by a team of construction experts identified by the firm. These individuals must not have been involved with any prior design development for that assignment. An External Review is independently carried out by the individual(s) listed in the ministry’s Roster of External Reviewers. The outcomes, including any recommendations from Internal and External Reviews, are forwarded to the firm’s project manager for implementation in the Detail Design assignment.

The requirements for Constructability Review for an assignment including the expertise and staffing, are identified by the ministry in an Expression of Interest (EOI) Notice and a Request for Proposal (RFP) document. A service provider firm responds to the ministry’s requirements for Constructability Review and staffing in an EOI submission and a proposal.

Roster of External Reviewers

Initially, Ontario Road Builders Association (ORBA) had agreed to maintain a Roster of External Reviewers. Starting in 2010, the Roster will be maintained by the Ministry. The Contract Management Office (CMO) will be maintaining the Roster of qualified External Reviewers.

The applications for the Roster of External Reviewers were solicited in April 2010 from the qualified individuals in one or more the following expertise areas.

Construction Supervision / Administration, Scheduling, Estimating, Bridge / Culvert Construction, Temporary / Permanent Drainage, Environmental, Foundations, Pavement / Geotechnical, Traffic / Staging, ATMS / Electrical, Utilities, Highway and Worker Safety, and Maintenance.

The ministry’s panel has evaluated the applications received and determined the successful candidates. The applicants have been advised on the outcome and the successful applicants have accepted the placement on the Roster of External Reviewers for Constructability Review.

At the start, individuals listed in the ministry Roster have been placed for the period of three years. The ministry will monitor the quality of services provided by the External Reviewers. Depending on the quality of services provided, the ministry may consider continued appointment on the Roster. The duration on the Roster may be extended in successive increments of three years. Upon less than satisfactory performance, the ministry may remove a Reviewer from the ministry Roster.

Constructability Review/External Review in a Detail Design Assignment: Overview

The overview of Construability Review process including External Review is provided below:

  • The ministry will solicit a Detail Design assignment with Constructability Review through EOI/RFP process and invite submissions from the qualified firms. An EOI solicitation will typically identify the number and types of Constructability Reviews and the expertise areas required for those Reviews.

  • The qualified firms will respond to a posted EOI Notice. If an External Review is identified by the ministry, the interested firms will consult the ministry’s Roster of External Reviewers and contact the individual(s) for identifying in their EOI submission.

  • The Ministry staff will evaluate EOI submissions received and short-list the firms for inviting proposals. The ministry will provide the Terms of Reference for the assignment to the short-listed firms including Constructability Review/External Review, as required.

  • A proposal will include the Constructability Reviews, the team members, review format, timelines, etc. Please note that an individual listed on the Roster can not be identified to perform External Review for the assignment awarded to the firm where the individual is employed.

  • The Ministry will evaluate the proposals submitted and award the assignment through an open and competitive bidding process. The successful firm will proceed with the design development including Constructability Review. The External Reviewer(s) will complete the Review as per the schedule agreed upon.

  • The payment for services will be made at the fixed per diem rate of $1,200.00 per day. The cost for travel and disbursements will be extra. The invoices for External Review services will be submitted to the service provider firm for Detail Design assignment, by the External Reviewer or by the firm the individual is employed with.

The Roster List is attached here for use. A firm interested in a Detail Design assignment may contact the individuals listed in the Roster of External Reviewers for the purposes of EOI and proposal submissions to the ministry. A successful firm may contact the individuals for scheduling and delivery of Constructability Review/External Review.

Please feel free to contact Erika Varga, Head, Consultant Contracts Section, Contract Management Office at 905-704-2238 if you require further information.

Constructability Review Process Guide
Constructability Review Process Guide.Ver 2.0.April 2010.pdf

Constructability Review - Roster of External Reviewers
Areas of Expertise
Roster for CR - Alpha Listing.pdf
ATMS - Electrical.pdf
Bridge - Culverts.pdf
Construction Supervison - Administration.pdf
Hwy. & Worker Safety.pdf
Pavement - Geotechnical.pdf
Traffic - Staging.pdf

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