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Type: Division 100
Title: Amendment To Mto General Conditions Of Contract, April 2004
Index: 100S49
Revision Date:
Construction Schedule

          Clause GC7.01.07, Critical Path Schedule, and Clause GC7.01.08, Construction Staging, are deleted and replaced by the following:

          The Contractor shall prepare, and update as required, a construction schedule indicating the timing of the major and critical activities of the Work. The schedule shall be designed to ensure conformity with the specified Contract Time. The schedule shall be submitted to the Contract Administrator within fourteen (14) days from the date of the contract award.


          Clause GC7.01.08, Construction Staging cannot be retained if Clause GC7.01.07, Critical Path Schedule is deleted. In general, this Special Provision is only to be used in contracts that do not include SP199S53.

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